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The Agent with Antonio Briceno - November 17, 2018

November 17, 2018

This edition of The Agent with Antonio Briceno:  a huge challenge for a lot of people is coming off of group plans and finding themselves having to take of all their own insurance business.  The biggest thing about all of this for Antonio is that his skill is not about beating the system into submission, he knows the system.  His greatest strength is my deep understanding individuals and businesses and how to match them with the RIGHT insurance every time.


The health and life, insurance world is big and confusing.  Everybody needs insurance, but, it's hard to get unless you gotta guy and that guy is Antonio Briceno, "The Agent"!

Antonio's an independent licensed insurance agent.  He's contracted with "HealthMarkets" Insurance Agency.  The information he gives you on "The Agent" is general in nature, it's educational, it's not legal advice but it will help get you covered.

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