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ABC’s Alex Stone - May 17, 2021- KRDO’s Afternoon News

May 17, 2021

To mask, or not to mask? Last week the CDC made the big announcement that fully vaccinated Americans can go mask-less indoors. But almost immediately, questions were being raised.  And no one seems to know the correct answer (is there a  correct answer?)   What if live in a state that still mandates masks but go into a store like Target or Walmart that says I don't have to wear one?  And what about going back to work?  When it comes to vaccinations employers can legally require employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of whether it's fully approved or emergency authorization, but they must provide justification for why it's necessary to do the job safely. For example, if you've been doing your job 100% remotely an employer can encourage you to get vaccinated but it's harder to justify requiring it than if you are in a job where you frequently interact with the public or are required to work in close quarters with other employees.  Alex tries to make sense of everything.