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American Warrior Radio

June 24, 2019


American Warrior Radio with Ben Buehler-Garcia presented by Medicare Mentors 
Sunday mornings at 9:00 on the KRDO Network at 105.5 FM, 1240 AM and 92.5 FM

About AWR

Only 1% of our population serves our nation in the military.  Even fewer have taken the oath to protect us on the home front. The mission of American Warrior Radio is to bridge the gap of understanding between those who took the oath and the rest of the civilian population.  We do so by telling the stories of the men & women in our military/first responder communities and those who support them.

Ben's Duty to those Who Serve

AWR host, Ben Buehler-Garcia, has never served in the military or carried a badge.  This is why he considers it his duty to support those who have.

For nearly three decades he has volunteered with several initiatives to support military and first responder families including the Tucson Chamber Military Affairs Committee, the 9/11 Never Forgotten Tower Challenge Foundation, Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, USS Tucson 770 Club, the Tucson Community Cares Foundation and as Honorary Commander for the 12th Air Force/Air Forces Southern.





Presenting Sponsor, Medicare Mentor's, Support of AWR

Medicare Mentors founders, Col. Rich Lewis and Pam Behrendt have made their professional lives about serving and supporting those in or from the military.  Their work revolves around assisting their clients in navigating the Medicare maze.  They understand and appreciate the high-value mission Ben Buehler-Garcia is on and have made his expansion to Colorado Springs possible.  



American Warrior Radio on the KRDO Network is made possible by Presenting Sponsor, Medicare Mentors, helping those navigate painlessly through the Medicare system without the worries of getting lost.