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The Agent with Antonio Briceno - April 6, 2019

April 6, 2019

In this edition of The Agent with Antonio Briceno, part 2 in our 5 part series on the secrets of becoming a smart insurance consumer, imagine yourself in Curacao on a private beach.  It's sunny, breezy, a balmy 85 degrees... and you don't have insurance to cover you if you get injured or sick in a foreign country. 



The health and life, insurance world is big and confusing.  Everybody needs insurance, but, it's hard to get unless you gotta guy and that guy is Antonio Briceno, "The Agent"!

Antonio's an independent licensed insurance agent.  He's contracted with "HealthMarkets" Insurance Agency.  The information he gives you on "The Agent" is general in nature, it's educational, it's not legal advice but it will help get you covered.

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