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The 365 Grand City Life Show - July 25, 2018

July 26, 2018

In this edition of 365 Grand City Life Show with Andrew Woehle, Vaessa Keim and Josh Hady sponsored by 365 Grand Properties and Club, zTRIP and WhirlyBall:

 - New Name for the Sky Sox – Five Finalists – Happy Campers, Lamb Chops, Punchy Pikas, Throttle Jockey’s, and Rocky Mountain Oysters

 Bites and Brews

 - 365 Affiliate of the Week - Rasta Pasta

 - Have you ever been to Rasta Pasta?

 - What’s your favorite type of fusion food?

 - Vanessa’s experience on the Local Motive Party Bus

Things to See and Do

 - MX Spa's Sophia

 Places to Go and People to See

 - What do you look forward to doing the most during COS Summers?

 - When you have family/friends visit from out of state where do you take them/what do you do?


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